WordPress Development Process


Arguably the most important stage, planning is where we work with our client’s ideas to determine the most important points and create a project road map. Here, we discover our client’s goals, their competition (through an information architecture and SEO audit when necessary), target audience, and a host of other elements to ensure a successfully launched site.



After the planning is completed, the design phase begins. This phase typically involves the review of multiple design options. moving information outlined in the planning phase out of a world of information and into a living, breathing design. It is at this point demo sites are provided for review from a look and feel perspective as well as core functionality.


This is when the select designs come to life, move, breathe, and at the very end, go live on the web as part of our WordPress theme development services. The site is developed with the clients content on our development domain.  The final part of development is the site walk-through and adjustments based on the walk-through feedback.


After the site is developed, it is ready for launch. It is here that deep testing of interactivity, features and, most of all,
consideration of user experience are tested and tested again. After the client signs off on the testing, the site is launched.

Post Launch Support

In our next step, we educate our clients that wish to perform on-going content manage of their site.  We encourage our clients to host their sites with us, sign up for one of our web support and maintenance plans, and help drive traffic to their sites through our SEO and social media services.

Getting help on your WordPress site has never been so easy.